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Everything began in 1968 when the Solé family started as “masovers” * in Torre d’en Bofill and became the owners some years later. The country house was the first one to notice the changes because right away we started to restore a great part of the house. Very soon the country house dilapidated look was transformed and, therefore, its outside face improved thanks to the daily hard work of our big family.
The family, which began to sow some seeds in this land about 40 years ago, is now reaping the rewards of their efforts. We are now investing part of the benefits of the crops and the cattle in a new activity: rural tourism.  
The three generations that live together in the house are carrying out this activity nowadays. 
*Masovers: very typical figure in Catalonia. People who have a long term renting in a country house, specially, and who also work the land. A tenant farmer.

All the meals are traditional homemade cuisine, and they are prepared with our own products such as wine, meat, vegetables, sausages, dairy products (cottage cheese, cheese, etc. ), preserves, eggs, etc. We usually have our meals together and you can sit around talking if you wish.

We have 5 double or triple rooms with bathroom.

Fireplace, dining room, reading room, living room and TV, children’s corner …

Swimming pool and spa.

Simple homemade traditional cuisine.


Half Board



Full board



Weekend minimum


Lunch and dinner on Saturday , bed and breakfast and lunch on Sunday.


Prices are per person per night in a double room.

Children up to 6 years have a 50 % discount.

VAT included

Tourist tax not included (0.50 € per adult per night )



Conditions of reservation and cancellation

  • Pays and sign: to confirm the reservation will be necessary one pays and sign, which will be discounted of the total payment of the stay, and that will stay as warehouse in case the reserved rooms are cancelled by few anticipation.
    - If the reservation is cancelled with more than 10 days, he will return he pays it and sign.
    - If the reservation is cancelled with less than 10 days, he will guard he pays it and sign for another been convenient date if the cancellation performs major force.
  • Pay: the rest of payment will be done in the farmhouse, in cash or with credit card. ·
  • Schedule of entry and exit: in case the room is reserved in the same day, the hour of exit is at 10 a.m. and that of arrival is from 4 p.m..
  • Pets are not admitted.
  • All the facilities and stays of the farmhouse are of exclusive use of the guests.